A few words about our company

DMC Salt is a rapidly growing branch of the DMC Group specializing in the sale of road salt loose and packed into bags of 5kg, 10kg, 25kg and 1000kg (big bag).

Road Salt offered by our company comes exclusively from checked sources which fulfill high quality criteria as well as holds all required certificates.

Our contractors are private companies, enterprises and institutions from the entire Poland area as well few years numerous foreign entities from the European Union countries. 

In the winter season 2009/2010 we provided to our customers about 20 thousand tons of road salt and already in current season 2010/2011 the sales increased 50%. We hope that on coming winter we will be able to supply even larger circle of our Partners.

We are putting special attention to reliable, safe and clean accomplishment of tasks performed by us, what not only a row of reference is evidence, but above all unwavering trust of our Customers who treat us as the credible business partner. Confirming it is not only constantly growing recognizable of the company on the market, but also long-term contracts with solid contracting parties.

We are inviting for the cooperation.

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fax: +48 12 376 47 40       phone: +48 570 344 588

e-mail: zamowienia@dmcsalt.pl



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We have pleasure to inform you about new truck purchase by us "van" type for transporting loose materials. Thanks to investment we increased the logistic productivity of the company.

We are announcing that on days 10.12.2010 till 03.01.2011 won't be conducted free sale of road salt loose. We apologize for impediments.